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Designed from the ground up to help you Win More, Lose Less, Avoid the No-Decisions and Land Bigger Deals.

Sales leaders must constantly re-assess the fitness of their teams to perform the tasks being set. But herein lays a significant challenge. How do they balance the development of the team with the achievement of their goals? Taking people out of the field means they lose selling time which leads to an immediate loss of productivity.

eLearning holds the promise of enabling sales people to develop and refresh their skills, but do it without leaving the field. With an on-line program attendees can train at a time of their own convenience, for example a Friday afternoon. Training can be taken in small bites, say half an hour at a time. And the training can do something that the old-fashion classroom programs struggle with. It can show sales people ‘how’ to do things, not just ‘what’ to do. It achieves this through the use of interactive scenarios.

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FourThirds: It’s all in our name.

Win/Loss is a simple way of measuring sales performance. But what about the multiple ‘no-decisions’ that suck up time and resources? And then there is the prize – the big deal and how to win it, consistently.

To truly improve performance, we must develop skills, processes and coaching methods to win more, lose less, avoid the no decisions and win bigger deals. These are the FourThirds of sales performance. We are FourThirds.

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