The eLearning Difference

With the advent of eLearning, a solution for sales is in sight. eLearning holds the promise of enabling sales people to develop and refresh their skills, but do it without leaving the field. With an on-line program attendees can train at a time of their own convenience, for example a Friday afternoon. Training can be taken in small bites, say half an hour at a time. And the training can do something that the two day limited programs struggle with. It can show sales people ‘how’ to do things, not just ‘what’ to do. It achieves this through the use of interactive scenarios.

There are literally dozens of studies that confirm what we intuitively know. Learning is best retained when it taxes all of our senses, is close to ‘the real thing’ and is then put in to practice. What eLearning also enables is the confirmation of attendees understanding of the material through the use of quizzes. So the time barrier is removed, understanding is confirmed and the practical application of the learning is developed. But what about the retention problem?

A well structured eLearning program for sales will continually re-enforce concepts and put them in to practice in scenarios. So that over the course of weeks or months that a program is delivered, the attendee will be continuously exercising their learning so that it becomes habit and sticks.

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