Why become a FourThirds Re-seller?

As a sales professional working for a corporation, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, how much success you have, you will only ever receive a small fraction of what you sell. And of course, external events such as new leadership, a change of company direction, organizational reshuffles, recession, and others, are all events that are out of our control, but which can, in the blink of an eye, turn your world upside down.

When we run our own business, we control our own destiny, we free ourselves from those periodic upheavals. We carry our own risk, but we reap much more reward. That reward comes in many forms. We get to use our experience as sales professionals in the fulfilling business of helping others improve. We get day to day variety – every day is different. We pick our hours, we can work from home and we get to keep a lot more of what we sell.

Why Choose FourThirds?

As sales people, we instinctively pick our fights. We engage when we feel we can win. Winning comes from our own process, skill and determination. It also comes from how well our solution is differentiated. The FourThirds solution set is unique and highly differentiated.

It has four key selling points:

Firstly, it comes with a compelling business case – learning that sticks, without the expense and disruption of a classroom.

Secondly, it’s on-line – not a bit on-line, with the majority in a stuffy classroom, like competitive solutions, but all on-line, any time.

Thirdly, the FourThirds solution is end-to-end. It’s not concentrated on a small part of the sales process. It’s not just about selling value, or selling solutions, or challenging executives, or knowing how to use questions to lead customers. It’s a complete, end-to end solution set.

And then there is the big one, for you. When you work for the the older, established sales training companies you basically purchase a franchise, get provided with a set of PowerPoint presentations, take some training and off you go. With that model your earning potential is limited by your personal utilization. How many classes can you teach in a month? FourThirds is sold as a SaaS model. The training is provided 100% on-line. Your customer interaction is focused on high value consultancy and coaching – where you add most value.

So, more customers, more sales, more money to you.

Want to know more?

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Is it for you?

Starting your own business is a big step. If you’ve read this far, you’re likely already sensing that this might be for you. So, who are the ideal candidates to start their own business as a FourThirds re-seller?

Firstly, you must have a reason to change. You should be at a point in your life where you want to control your own destiny, you want to be free of the constraints of being an employee of someone else. You want to make your own hours, maybe working from home is a big deal for you as well.

Next, you should be experienced. Personal credibility and trust are vital characteristics. You will be selling to leaders who need to see that you bring something to the table.

You should already have a degree of financial security. Success with your own business doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be realistic about your personal cash-flow and be comfortable about the short term.