Why the Total-SellingTM Platform?

The Total-Selling process is a comprehensive end-to-end sales process which has been developed using the same simple philosophy that all the great teams of the world adopt. Do ALL of the basics well, time after time and you’ll prevail. As sales people it’s not enough to be an expert in one phase of the sales process. We need expertise in all phases and we need to consistently exercise that expertise to win time after time.

Comprehensive: End-to-End Sales Process

A sale is like a chain, if there is a weak link, the sale can suddenly fail and we may not even see it coming. As we assess our own competitiveness we might want to take an inventory of our own skills. Some of the questions we could ask ourselves include:

  • How well do we build insight in to our customer’s business, their strategy, their competitive positioning, their structure, their formal and informal power, their culture and their policies?
  • How consistently do we relate our solutions to their business objectives?
  • How we do we differentiate our solutions, our company and ourselves?
  • How well do we handle objections in their myriad forms?
  • How well do we build and tell sales stories?
  • How competent are we at building an investment case with our customers?
  • How well do we build negotiation strategies and plan to avoid a discount battle with purchasing?
  • How well and how early do we estimate the financial consequences of our customer’s problems and the impact of our solutions?
  • Do we have good, structured questioning skills?
  • How good are we at ‘reading’ people and selecting the optimum influencing method?
  • How consistently do we account plan?

There are many more questions we might ask. At FourThirds we believe that the top performers all have share a trait. They do all the basics, all the time. Not some of the basics, some of the time. All the basics, all the time.

Total-Selling has been developed to provide, in a modular format, access to the broadest range of sales skills and provide them in a way that sales professional can access. Not in a classroom, but on-line, on their schedule.

Interactive: Engaging Coursework

With the advent of eLearning for sale, a solution for high performance is now available. eLearning holds the promise of enabling sales people to develop and refresh their skills, but do it without leaving the field. With an on-line program attendees can train at a time of their own convenience, for example a Friday afternoon. Training can be taken in small bites, say half an hour at a time.

And the training can do something that the two-day limited programs struggle with. It can show sales people ‘how’ to do things, not just ‘what’ to do. It achieves this through the use of interactive scenarios.



Convenient: Training on your time

No more getting on a flight on Monday to spend a couple of days in a classroom where you forget 90% of the material within a week. Those days out of the field mean lost production and the results are marginal at best. With eLearning you can now train on your schedule. Smaller periods of time mean greater concentration and greater retention. The mix of audio, video, interactive scenarios and quizzes makes learning and refreshing skills fun, intense and satisfying.

Flexible Platform: SaaS

The Total-Selling platform is delivered as a SaaS model. Customers have the option of us hosting their users, or using their own LMS (Learning Management System) environment. Pricing for learning tracks starts as low as $500/yr per person.

Users can come back to their courses as many times as they want during the subscription period. If they have an important presentation coming up – refresh; if they have a big negotiation coming up – refresh; if they have to put a business case together – refresh.


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