Why FourThirds?

FourThirds has been built by a team of dedicated professionals with a single goal in mind. We want to help Sales people do all the basics, all the time.

We believe that the path to sustainable sales success doesn’t come from sitting through the latest, greatest in-person 2 day sales transformation seminar. Nor does it come from this month’s hot selling sales ‘how-to’ book. We believe the path to success for sales is the same as it is for doctors, pilots, scientists, police, etc. Leaving no stone unturned. Being diligent. Being comprehensive. It means becoming the Total Salesperson.


Our team aspire to becoming better as sales professionals. So we constantly look for shortcomings in our own skills and processes.  We examine the phases of a sales cycle to understand the critical skills we, like other sales people need to master. We seek to simplify processes for each step along the way and to provide our customers ‘how-to’ guidance.

Part of our mission is to change the sales training paradigm. Several of our team are pilots. Our epiphany came with a simple question: “How is it that pilots have such a high mission success rate, with so little in the way of formal training?” (By the way, the FAA stipulates that a pilot must have a minimum of 40 hours of flight training before they can take their exam that will enable them to carry passengers!). The answer to this question led to a cascade of thinking that led us to invest heavily in the world’s first and only end to end sales skills training platform.

Now, just like pilots, there is a comprehensive eLearning skills development platform. After starting at the end of 2013 our program of non-stop development has led to the release of the Total-Selling platform. So far over a thousand sales people have experienced a new way to learn their craft. All have brushed the rust off of old skills, all have learned new ones. All the basics, all the time.